Time Annotation Layer
0:12 Jimmy voice over continues, ending the phrase "Anna's beautiful" Sound
0:34 The sun' 00;00;19;01 00;00;19;01 00;00;00;00 Comment Sound Hits her yellow house 00;00;20;16 00;00;20;16 00;00;00;00 Comment Image Cut back to medium long shot of Lisa watching Jimmy through doorway 00;00;26;17 00;00;26;17 00;00;00;00 Comment Sound It's almost like a sign from God. 00;00;27;26 00;00;27;26 00;00;00;00 Comment Sound End clip, Lisa edges into classroom begins to ask 'What was that? Sound
0:15 Lisa edges through the doorway and stands almost fully inside classroom gazing at Jimmy in a medium shot Image
0:15 Cut to shallow focus close-up as Jimmy continues reciting Image
0:16 - 0:27 Cut to shallow focus close-up of Jimmy pacing into and out of the frame reciting "Anna' Image
0:18 "Beautiful enough for me" Sound
0:00 - 0:08 Jimmy mumbles inaudibly Medium shot of Lisa looking through doorway Sound and Image
0:08 - 0:15 Cut to medium shot (face) of Lisa Looking through doorway Jimmy's voice becomes clear "Anna is beautiful" Sound and Image

Home page for Jimmy Reciting "Anna" at Internet Archive.

IIIF manifest: https://zillingworth.github.io/the-kindergarten-teacher-poetry/the-kindergarten-teacher/manifest.json