Time Annotation Layer
0:47 Cut to black but retain diegetic sound from the police radio Editing and Sound
0:12 New scene and shot of Jimmy carried by a female police officer. It is a medium shot of her back turned and tight bun, but a close-up of his face over her shoulder. The shot is high key lit, a sunny day outside of the motel room. Cinematography and Editing
0:05 Nondiegetic piano track begins note by note Sound
0:13 Loud noises from the police radio Sound
0:40 Jimmy: I have a poem Still in close-up in the police cruiser through the window Cinematography and Dialogue
0:11 Sound of a loud knock on the door. Lisa jumps, indicating it is likely the police coming to arrest. Cut to next scene with knock as sound bridge. Sound, Narrative, and Editing
0:30 The door to the cruiser closes and the camera zooms in on Jimmy in the crusier. We can see reflections of the police officer on the cruiser's window like a palimpsest over his face. Cinematography and Narrative
0:01 Low key lit medium shot of Lisa in the motel room in upstate New York. Cinematography and Sound
0:16 Tracking shot of Jimmy being carried to a police cruiser and re-enter the sound of a non-diegetic piano note Sound and Cinematography
0:47 Jimmy repeats plaintively: I have a poem. Dialogue
0:22 Police officers says: We'll get you an ice cream in just one second. She places Jimmy into the back of the police cruiser. Dialogue and Narrative

Final Scene at archive.org.

IIIF manifest: https://zillingworth.github.io/the-kindergarten-teacher-poetry/final-scene/manifest.json