Time Annotation Layer
2:31 Lisa exits the stage followed by Jimmy Narrative
0:02 Long shot of a poet leaving a brightly lit stage at the Bowery Ballroom Cinematography
0:05 Cut to medium shot of Lisa and Jimmy in low key lighting, seated in the crowd as they start to get up to take the stage. Cinematography and Editing
0:20 Cut to close-up, tracking shot of Lisa adjusting the microphone to Jimmy's short stature and then introducing him Cinematography and Editing
0:39 The tracking shot continues to focus on Lisa's expression (a smile) in a medium shot, keeping the focus on her, though Jimmy begins to recite. Cinematography and Editing
1:19 Cut back to Jimmy in shallow focus, close-up still in profile Cinematography and Editing
1:24 Cut back to medium shot of Lisa against the wall, but her gaze is downcast towards Jimmy Cinematography and Editing
1:31 Cut to extreme long shot of Lisa and Jimmy on stage with the man in the hat asking a question in the far corner of the frame Cinematography and Editing
1:39 Cut to medium shot of Lisa against wall Cinematography and Editing
1:43 Tracking shot of Lisa answering the question into the microphone as she bends down to the mic positioned at Jimmy's height Cinematography and Editing
1:52 Cut back to medium shot of Lisa against the wall Cinematography and Editing
1:56 Cut back to Jimmy in shallow focus close-up in profile Cinematography and Editing
2:04 Jump cut to medium shot of Jimmy from right side as the woman in the black dress asks the question Cinematography and Editing
2:09 Cut to medium close shot of Lisa against wall Cinematography and Editing
2:17 Cut to shallow focus close-up of Jimmy; this in a frontal portrait next to the microphone. We see his large, wide-eyes and the scale of his height next to the microphone. Cinematography and Editing
2:21 Cut back to medium shot of Lisa against wall as she looks down at Jimmy approvingly Cinematography and Editing
2:25 The camera begins a slow zoom closer to Lisa, creating a feeling of claustrophobia as her lie has been gradually revealed. Cinematography and Editing
2:30 Cut to long shot of Lisa leaving stage and Jimmy follows her Cinematography and Editing
0:08 Cut to medium shot of Simon seated in crowd as he watches Lisa and Jimmy get up to take the stage and warmly greets the last poet to perform. Cinematography and Editing
0:14 Cut to long shot of Jimmy and Lisa taking the stage. The stage lighting is high key while the crowd remains dimly lit Cinematography and Editing
0:50 Cut back to medium shot of Lisa against the ornate wall. She continues to smile with her gaze cast downwards at Jimmy, perhaps responding to the crowd's reception. Cinematography and Editing
0:55 Cut to low-key lit medium shot of Simon and previous poet watching Jimmy's performance in the crowd. Simon's brows are furrowed, expressing consternation. Cinematography and Editing
1:01 Cut back to shallow focus close-up of Jimmy in profile reciting The Bull. Cinematography and Editing
1:09 Cut back to Lisa in medium shot against the wall; her expression seems to suggest that she is looking into the crowd, possibly at Simon's reaction. Cinematography and Editing
1:47 Jump cut to medium long shot of Lisa and Jimmy at the mic from the right side, perhaps conveying the scrutiny of the crowd and camera's gaze. Cinematography and Editing
1:49 Cut to medium shot of Simon looking concerned among the clapping crowd Cinematography and Editing
0:43 Cut to shallow focus close-up of Jimmy reciting Anna. He is in project and the microphone's height is taller than he is. Cinematography
1:25 Scattered claps and murmurs from the crowd Sound
2:05 Crowd laughs. Sound
2:24 Scattered applause Sound
0:00 The crowd claps for the previous poet leaving the stage. Narrative and Sound
0:51 Murmurs from crowd Sound
0:21 Lisa: “Hi, this is Jimmy Roy and he’ll be reciting two poems for you today.” Dialogue
1:31 Man in hat: "I’m sorry to ask such a basic question but are these your poems and if so are you using him as a sort of poetic medium?? Dialogue
1:43 Lisa: Um, no these are his poems he wrote them. Dialogue
1:56 Offscreen male voice: "For the young man, how long have you been writing poetry?" Dialogue
2:01 Jimmy: "I started when I was five." Dialogue
2:07 Young woman in a black dress:: Jimmy, I was wondering, who is this Anna that you write about?" Dialogue
2:13 Jimmy: Anna could be anyone you love. For me, she’s my kindergarten teacher’s helper, Megan. Dialogue
0:38 Jimmy begins to recite Anna with the following pauses: "Anna is beautiful / beautiful enough for me / the sun hits her yellow house / it’s almost like a sign from god" Poem Recitation
0:56 Jimmy begins to recite "The Bull" with the following pauses: "The bull stood alone in the backyard / so dark / I opened the door and stepped out / wind in the branches / he watched me blue eyes / he kept breahting to stay alive / I didn’t want him I was just a boy / say yes / say yes /anyway." Poem Recitation
1:49 Crowd claps and murmurs. Sound

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